Thank you for stopping by Pleasant Wood's for a visit. We are located in the wooded foothills above Kalama WA.  Kalama is located approximately 30 miles north of Portland OR on I-5. 

Mark and I were both born and raised in Napa, CA.  Shortly after we married in 1981 we moved to the foothills of Vacaville CA.  where we started to raise our 4 children, Marissa, Garrett, Zack and Cassie. We now are proud Grandparents, our son Garrett has a little girl Emery Rose. Our daughter  Marissa And her Husband Cody have three children Weston, Eiley and Ethan. Our son Zack and his wife Sesiley have a daughter kynsley. And our youngest Cass and her Husband Jeremy have a son Waylon. 

In 2000 Mark was offered a job opportunity that we could not refuse so we relocated to Kalama Washington where we bought a  house on enough land for our  llama's and plenty of  area for the Aussies to run and play.  Mark now works for Steelescape here in Kalama.  I now as of May 2nd 2006 Own and operate my own Salon where I mostly do nails.

I grew up with Standard Australian Shepherds, my first dog was a Standard Aussie  name Susie. My parent's Bob and Billie Bartlett got her shortly after I was born and she lived until I was in my  early teen's. Then when I was approximately 13 years old I earned my own money to purchase a puppy for myself. When my mom and I went to pick up my new puppy, when we entered the house following the man that I was purchsing the puppy from he kicked the momma dog as he walked past her, she was very thin, needless to say she was the dog we went home with that day. Her name was Max. Max was a Black Bi with hardley any white at all. She ended up being one of the most loving and loyal dogs that my parents have had. 
  I come from a family of Team Roper's so we spent every weekend at either Rodeos or Jackpot ropins where there were always Australian Shepherd's to be found.

I came across the Toy Aussies about 20 years ago, I spent the next year or so traveling to different area's and looking for one to purchase. Good ones were so hard to find. I found that most prospects were breeding for size and not for quality. That was when I purchased my first pup "Dixie"  from Ruth Vanderhoof of Pocket Aussies 19 years ago.  Dixie has produced several champions for me.  These dogs have become a big part of my familys life, they are wonderful companions and very loyal, we all love them.

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This is our oldest daughter Marissa.
This is our youngest 
daughter Cassie
This is our oldest son 
Pop Warner Cheer Leading 2008.
Marissa is the Head Coach for 
Cassie's squad (and I was her assistant.) Our squad won the sportsmanship award in Santa Clara CA Thanksgiving weekend.
Our youngest son 
Me and my Daddy !!
Me and my Mommy!
Weston and Grandma!!
Zack, Sesiley and 
Jeremy and Cassie 
My four babies !!!
Zack, Cassie, Garrett and Marissa 
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            Pleasant Woods
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         Australian Shepherds
Miniature American Shepherds
Cody, Marissa, Weston, Eiley and Ethan